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“9 Good Reason’s Why You’d Be Crazy To Not At Least Give Fitness Planning Consultants Health and Fitness Program A Shot!”

  1. Accountability: We educate, support and guide you every step of the way, applying just the right amount of pressure to make sure you follow through!
  2. Science: There’s NO gimmicks – our system is based on strengthening your muscles (regardless of age) and proper running mechanics.  A strong athlete will be a fast athlete.
  3. Track Record: We’ve helped almost 500 other athletes successfully get faster, get quicker, and feel more confident. Follow our system and you’ll do the same!
  4. Motivation: We know how to get you going FAST and keep you going, so the results come quickly!
  5. Expertise: You’re coached and trained by a Certified, highly trained speed and strength EXPERT.
  6. Structure & Consistency: Let’s face it, this is where the breakdown almost always occurs. We keep you on track, moving forward, so you see and feel the results quickly.
  7. Customization: Your program is created for YOU, based on what YOU need, ensuring you reach your goals quickly and with 100% certainty!
  8. Efficiency: We know you’re busy, we train you at your convenience, so you can continue with your day.
  9. You Are Not Alone Anymore: Going it alone doesn’t work, Fitness Planning Consultants does!