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Nutrition Education 101

Learn These Simple Nutritional Strategies to Maximize Your Performance in Competition—and in LIFE!

Fitness Planning Consultants Nutrition Education 101 Workshop


This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  A common myth among parents, coaches, and athletes is that nutrition is one of those “intangibles” that is nice to have but completely secondary to hard work and intelligent training.

In fact, the truth is closer to this statement:

Without the right nutrition, you are leaving seconds, inches, points, and even the health of your athlete on the table.

Nutrition is an essential key to the success of every athlete, big or small, young or old—and it’s an unfortunate limiting factor in many of the athletes I’ve worked with over the years.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with athletes who always seem to be breaking down or not quite developing to their potential, and as soon as we cleaned up their nutrition, they completely turned it around.

When nutrition is broken, it becomes extremely difficult to make any significant progress in sport performance.

What’s more is that proper nutrition is critical to the proper growth and development of young athletes—and it is one of the first things that gets overlooked in the hectic lives and full schedules of today’s typical student-athlete.

Do you know why people from the “First World” have been growing taller in the past 100 years than people have at any other time?  Our comfortable lifestyle has removed most nutrient deficiencies and allowed us to grow to our full capacity. Similarly…

Young athletes need to optimally fuel their growth so they can reach their genetic potential.

In our new Nutrition Education 101 Workshop, you will learn how to do exactly that.  We’ll teach you how to avoid the most common nutritional pitfalls and get ahead of the competition.  In addition to nutritional knowledge, you’ll gain a practical understanding of what it takes to reach the pinnacle of athletic performance by leveraging proper nutrition.

We offer supplements, but how do those help?  We will discuss that.

This is a great opportunity to get clear, actionable, unambiguous nutritional information on how young athletes should eat to succeed.  You do not want to miss your chance to:

  1. Improve your performance
  2. Have sustained energy during performance
  3. Recover quicker
  4. Prevent injury
  5. Get the edge on your competition, before you even see them

Here are the complete details:

Our Next Workshop Is: Sunday, October 16, 2022

Location:  We will provide a link to the Zoom meeting once registration/payment has been completed.

Time: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  If you can’t make it live, you will get access to the recording within a few days after the workshop has been held.  So live attendance is NOT required.

Cost: $25

Other details: Click the link BELOW ↓ and you will be taken to a payment page within Zenplanner to complete payment.  If you currently or have trained with us you have a Zenplanner account.  Just login and complete payment.  If not, fill out your first and last name and email, then continue on with the instructions for payment.  Payment must be completed in order for you to be registered.

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking that nutrition really can’t be that hard to figure out, and you’re sure your athlete is doing fine on his or her own.  After all, they just went through a growth spurt and are excelling in sports.

Actually, I agree! Nutrition isn’t that difficult to figure out, and while it’s a bit trickier to actually apply, plenty of athletes do just fine.

But we aren’t in the business of “doing just fine.”  We want all our athletes to be the best they can be for as long as possible. In fact, the strategies we introduce are strategies athletes can use for life!

Besides, a problem with nutrition often doesn’t show until it’s caused a decrease in performance, an injury or setback, or even trouble in school. It’s much better to be proactive than reactive in this case.

Sign up today so you can give your athlete a leg up on the competition—and finally have them firing on all cylinders!



Adam Kessler, Personal Trainer