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Postseason Academy

Discover the Secret to Dominating the Competition and Achieving Peak Performance

The BEST athletes know that you can’t afford to take too much time off before you start preparing for next season! Get a head start on your competition, and start your strength and conditioning NOW!


After a long and tiring season, athletes need 2 things:

  1. To recover from the wear and tear of the season
  2. To rebuild for the next challenge

Unfortunately, the second piece of the puzzle is often overlooked, much to the detriment of athletes everywhere.

It has been proven that, over the course of a long and demanding season, athletes tend to lose strength, quickness, and resilience. While in season, athletes spend so much time developing sport-specific skills—much more than on building strength or speed and encouraging recovery.

The result is an athlete who is slower, weaker, and more prone to injury than the athlete going into the season. Season after season, year after year, this cumulative stress can build up and leave athletes frustrated and experiencing plateaus or worse, unexpected setbacks.

The common response is to sit on the couch and “recover,” but this is likely doing more harm than good.

Youth Training Secret: Athletes Are Built in the Off-Season

That is why we at Fitness Planning Consultants have developed the Postseason Academy!

Even with the most “gifted” athletes, by following a planned training program in the offseason, they can drastically improve their strength, athleticism, and ability to apply their sport-specific skills and dominate the competition the following season.

Think about it: How much better would your athlete fare if they doubled their strength, increased their endurance, and sharpened their speed? How much are they leaving on the table by not training—and how much further ahead is the competition getting?

Get a step ahead of your opponents and start your offseason training program now!

The athletes at Fitness Planning Consultants know that you can’t wait to start your training for the next season a few weeks before your first practice! They know that you have to continually be working to improve your athleticism and get ahead of the competition.

If you want to reach your full potential and be the athlete that your competition fears next season, you have to start training—and training intelligently—today!

In the Fitness Planning Consultants Postseason Academy, you will:

  • Learn how to bulletproof your body so that nothing can stop you
  • Take part in group training sessions that are developed by world-class coaches to ensure your success
  • Get faster and stronger while not compromising your studies
  • Develop a strong core and explosive power
  • Work in a group environment to improve teamwork skills
  • And much, much more!

Just to clarify, the Postseason Academy is a group program and not our normal program.  Our normal programs include an individual assessment and because of the semi-private format you are put on your own individual plan.  If that is more your speed, then click here to read about that and see how to get started.

BUT, if you just want to get right to it and don’t necessarily need a program individualized to fit your needs, then the Postseason Academy can get your training started in the right direction.

The details of the Postseason Academy are here:

  • WHERE – Inside Ohio Sports Plus Training Academy is where we are located.  4140 Tuller Road, Suite 118, Dublin.
  • WHEN – Monday and Wednesday at 7pm to 8pm the group portion and an OPTIONAL (you do not have to come if you don’t want to) 3rd time on either Friday or Saturday where you coordinate with our Admin a time in our schedule in our semi-private program.  So this will be a hybrid group/semi-private feel.
  • HOW LONG – This runs from November 6 through December 16.  There are no makeups.  If you miss it is on you.
  • COST – We stress the importance of signing up early.  If this interests you, sign up before October 29 and it will be $199 for the program.  October 30 through November 4, the cost will be $220 (still a lot of bang for your buck).  Registration is closed @ Noon on November 4, 2017.  Important Note: No refunds will be given once the program starts on November 6.

We do need a minimum of 5 athletes to run the program!

At this point in the year, a strength and conditioning program is by far the best investment you can make to help your athlete reach their potential and set them up for tremendous improvements—both this season and for life.

To register for the Postseason Academy and start building for next season, simply go to our Contact page by clicking here and submit a form that you want to participate in the Postseason Academy.  We will contact you within 24 hours and help you register!