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Thank You – Private Coaching

Thank you for investing in our Private Coaching platform.  Whether you are doing the Enhanced or the Platinum Coaching program, you are going to get the attention you need to have success.

But first we need you to do a couple things.

CLICK HERE to download the instructions on how your coaching will be run.  These are very important so put them in a safe spot on your computer.  You will need them if/when the time comes you want to cancel your coaching program so that you do it correctly.

Next, we need you to fill out a questionnaire.  This is very important so we would like you to do it now.  Click the appropriate link below:

GREAT JOB!!  Once you submit your questionnaire, your coach or someone on our staff will be contacting you within 24 hours on how to proceed.

P.S. Don’t forget to download the instructions, look them over, and keep them in a safe spot on your computer.