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Private Coaching – Virtual

Our Private Coaching is a virtual private coach to help you accomplish your fitness goals.  

With today’s technology, you don’t have to be confined to your immediate vicinity.  If the quality coach you are looking for is not within your city limits, then the internet can provide you that coach within seconds to give you the workout program you need all through the internet.

If you feel you don’t necessarily need private coaching and are fine with virtual classes by our coaches and other guest sessions, please check out our Inner Circle private community.

If you think you need a little more private coaching, then read on.

Do these problems sound familiar to you?

If you are an ATHLETE:

  • I have a goal to compete at the collegiate level and I question whether my coaches can get me to that level.
  • My speed isn’t where it needs to be.  I need someone to analyze my particular issues that are holding me back from being fast.
  • I want to make this travel team and I don’t know how to improve my athleticism.
  • Whenever I get back to sports, will I physically be ready so I don’t hurt myself.
  • I am constantly sick.  What do I need to do to avoid be sick so frequently.

If you are a PARENT or ADULT trying to stay healthy:

  • I do 3 different workout classes 7 days a week and I still can’t lose these 15 pounds.
  • How can I improve my immune system so I am not sick so often?
  • I’d like to fit back into my clothes at some point.
  • I need to take control of my health problems and not let my health problems control my life.

You don’t necessarily need a private coach with you every single workout (maybe you do).  But, you need the knowledge of a private coach to make sure you are doing everything you can PROPERLY to accomplish your goals.

To take advantage of all a Private Coach can do for you, we have two options, Enhanced Coaching or Platinum Coaching.

Here is how Enhanced Coaching will work:

  • Pay your first monthly payment by clicking the pay link below.
  • Once payment has been completed, you will receive an email that will explain to you all the nuances of the program and your first big task – filling out your questionnaire.
  • The Thank You page you will be sent to via email will have two questionnaires on it.   You either fill out the one for an ATHLETE (anyone 10 and older competing in a sport they want to get better for) or a WELLNESS PERSON (anyone who is looking to improve their life/health for the better).
  • Once you submit that form, within 24 hours you will gain access to our FPC Inner Circle private Facebook group and all that it has to offer – workout classes, presentations, information videos, etc.
  • A coach will be assigned to you to create a personalized workout program based on your goals given in the questionnaire.
  • The workout plan will cover how many times you should be training a week (strength & cardio), nutrition, recovery, and in some cases conditioning for your sport if you are an athlete.  
  • Track athletes who are sprinters (up to 400M) and jumpers may request specific conditioning for those events.
  • If you are doing workout classes/training on your own, your coach will go over that and how to best combine that with our plan.
  • You will have a weekly Zoom checkin with your coach to make sure everything is going to plan.
  • You will also have homework you have to turn in to your coach to make sure things are progressing accordingly.

The monthly cost for this Enhanced Coaching platform is $130.  Scroll to the bottom to complete payment.

BUT, if you want even more coaching, our second option is our Platinum Coaching that includes the following:

  • All access to our FPC Inner Circle.
  • Everything listed above in the Enhanced Coaching.
  • Plus, we will do one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions with you (up to 60 minutes).  This is PERFECT for those clients that have access to a lot of different pieces of exercise equipment and feel they can get a better workout with a coach’s supervision (virtually).
  • Personalized workouts and personalized attention to make sure you are doing each exercise correctly.
  • Because of the specialized attention and time it takes, we are only accepting a limited amount of candidates per coach.
  • You can do three options of one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions – once a week, twice a week, and three times a week. 

The cost of the Platinum Coaching program will be based on how many Zoom 1-1 workouts you will be doing with your coach each month:

  • Once a week workouts will be $260/month.
  • Twice a week workouts will be $520/month.
  • For now we are not offering anything beyond twice a week.  Once you start your program there are no pauses or holds in the membership.  It is up to you to get your workouts scheduled each month.

Scroll to the bottom to complete payment for one of these programs.

DISCLAIMER: If you desire to have Adam as your coach, fill out the form below to find out his rate for the Enhanced or Platinum Coaching.  Because his schedule is limited, he can only take on a limited amount of coaching clients thus he charges a higher rate.

  • For example, if you are the parent of an athlete and want Adam to coach your child.
    Not to be blunt, but if this box isn't checked, Adam probably won't reach out to discuss coaching.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

To join either the Enhanced or Platinum Coaching programs, please follow these steps:

  1. Click HERE to take you to the payment portal.  You will be leaving this site.
  2. You will see a screen like the first image.  Click the Sign Up link that is circled on the left.
  3. You then want to pick which program you are doing (shown in the middle image) and click the Sign Up button next to that program.
  4. The third image shows if you are already a member of our Zenplanner account, then log in and make your payment.  If not, you will have to create an account. 
  5. Once your payment has been completed, you should receive an email relatively soon that will give you instructions on how to proceed.
  6. If you do not receive those instructions within 24 hours, contact us via admin(at)fitnessplanning(dot)com and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

If something goes wrong with the flow, the links, or the payment, please be patient.  We’re doing the best we can to set this up and get it running as efficient as possible.  Please email us at admin(at)fitnessplanning(dot)com and explain your issue and we will get back to you within 24 hours.