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Columbus Ohio Track Club – FPC Speed Force

If you are looking for a track club in Columbus, Ohio, and have an athlete that has a desire to be great at track, then look no further than Fitness Planning Consultants’ Speed Force Track Club.  If you aren’t interested in running in meets, but want technical training check out the Speed Force Track School especially if you are a hurdler, jumper, and possibly thrower.

Fitness Planning Consultants has the best speed coaches in Central Ohio, including 2021 Central Ohio Girls Track Coach of the Year, Adam Kessler.  Wanting to continue helping track athletes develop, we developed the Speed Force track club for the disciplined track athlete.

Click the following links to read about our success with track athletes in recent years.

Having run Columbus, Ohio track clubs before, we found that it is tough getting kids focused coming to summer practices 3 to 4 nights out of the week.  

Wanting to get kids who would be serious about competing in summer track meets (or winter if applicable), we put some of the responsibility on the athlete to get workouts in on their own time.

Some of the bullet points for this club:

  • Providing workouts for the kids to do 3-4 times a week primarily on their own (possibly more depending on where we are in the season). 
  • Going over some of the technology we use to make sure you are getting the workouts in each week.
  • If you need a zoom meeting every so often to discuss how the workouts have been going and what will be expected in the coming weeks, that can be available to you.
  • When we can, we try to organize a once a week in-session workout.  This is an extra cost and based on track availability doesn’t always happen.
  • Provide homework for the athlete to do until the next in-person session.
  • We will go over the summer/winter track meets that are available for your athlete, what you want to get out of this program, and figure out which meets to attend.
  • If you want to do indoor track meets over the winter months because your school does not participate in those, we can discuss as well.
  • We will assist in getting your athlete registered.
  • Finalize strategies for each meet and exactly what you need to do at the meet (arrival, warmup, checkin, etc.) since we might not be at the meets with you.
  • If you want to pursue track in college, we can provide guidance with our College Recruiting Guide.
  • Some specialty events might not be suited for this type of track club.  Please fill out the inquiry form below so we can discuss further.
  • While participating in this program, if you choose to do additional training at Fitness Planning Consultants (for speed/strength development) you will receive a special rate either towards the training or the club cost.
  • Plus a few more items we are still working on.
  • Fixed costs would be the uniform and entry fees which vary.  Also, there could be per meet fee per athlete if a coach will be attending a meet.
  • Contact us via the form below to find out what the club cost would be for workouts to do during the winter season.  The 2024 summer season will cost $185.  We have definitive end dates for each season so check with us for that last month of training and what that cost could be depending on when your date begins/ends.
  • Or the club cost would be free (minus uniform and entry fees) if you decide to participate in our Columbus, Ohio Track School in some capacity.  Only applies to the indoor season not outdoor!
  • If we do an in-person workout, those are pay as you go and cost would be determined based on the number of athletes.

If this interests you, please fill out the inquiry form below and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss.  Thank you!