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Adam Kessler

Speed And Fitness Experts Q & A’s

Recently, speed training and fitness expert, Adam Kessler, asked for his followers/blog readers to send him questions they had regarding speed/sport training, fitness or whatever, really. The questions varied. To see the Q & A’s from this Columbus, Ohio, trainer, click
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Coaching And Parenting Similarities

As a speed training and strength coach, Adam Kessler, realized, fairly early on, that athletes need to be disciplined. Now, as a parent, he is able to compare the two to some extent. Kids and athletes alike, need to earn a parents and/or coaches respect in order to receive
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Obtaining An Athletic College Scholarship

You may be one of the many young athletes that has a dream to one day play a sport in college. Speed trainer, Adam Kessler, of Columbus, Ohio, has worked with many athletes of all levels, from professional to little league. If you have the potential to play beyond high school,
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Participating In One Sport To Get In Shape For Another

Are you, or do you know an athlete that “plays this sport to stay in shape for that sport?”  Adam Kessler, a speed trainer, takes a look at how this may or may not help you out. You should look at the sports being played and consider whether they work your
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Finding A Good Speed Training Coach

Are you looking for a good speed training coach? You should look for a training program that has high standards for a quality program. To hopefully eliminate you wasting a lot of money (and time), Adam Kessler of Columbus, Ohio, provides tips to assist you if you are looking for
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Do Athletes Need A Gluten Free Diet?

With talk of many professional athletes praising the benefits of a gluten free diet, speed trainer, Adam Kessler did some research to see how it could potentially benefit your performance. A small percentage of individuals that are on a gluten free diet, have a medical condition,
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Quicker Recovery For Athletes

As an athlete, you know it can be tough to recover, not only for a tough game, but also an intense practice/work-out. Did you know that massage therapy is one of the best ways to recover? The Florida Seminoles football team has been utilizing massage therapy the past couple of
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Best Football Camp You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

If you’re a football player and have some talent, you need to look into Football University (FBU) Top Gun Camp. This camp is for the top 15% of football players in the nation for their age group. FMS (Functional Movement Screen) certified trainer and speed trainer, Adam
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Joey Chestnut- The Next Great Athlete?!

Some of you may be asking “Who is Joey Chestnut and what sport does he play?” Well, he is a “great athlete” and the reigning champ in the sport of competitive hot dog eating! Joey downed 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes, breaking his own record from last year
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Participating In Athletic Events After 40

Having turned 40 a couple years ago, Adam Kessler still enjoys participating in athletic competitions, even though the body may not always like what he is putting it through! If you are 40 or over and are wanting to continue participating, or will be starting up a new program,
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