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Do Athletes Need A Gluten Free Diet?

With talk of many professional athletes praising the benefits of a gluten free diet, speed trainer, Adam Kessler did some research to see how it could potentially benefit your performance. A small percentage of individuals that are on a gluten free diet, have a medical condition,
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Joey Chestnut- The Next Great Athlete?!

Some of you may be asking “Who is Joey Chestnut and what sport does he play?” Well, he is a “great athlete” and the reigning champ in the sport of competitive hot dog eating! Joey downed 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes, breaking his own record from last year
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How Exactly Does Fiber Help Your Health?

When you go to the doctor does he/she ask you about how much fiber you are getting?  It seems that fiber is being discussed as a possible solution to everything, including the ozone layer.  Okay, maybe not the ozone problem, but it is looking like if you get enough fiber in your
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Eating Chocolate Ice Cream Promotes Weight Loss

Are these the kinds of stories that we as health professionals are trying to write to enlighten the public or gain fame and notoriety?  I read this story several days ago about some doctor who claims if you limit your flavors and pick a flavor of the day you will lose weight and
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Potential Diet Pill Might Cause More Harm Than Good

The first thing that I think of when I read about the possible first ever diet pill that could be sold over-the-counter was that someone somewhere was saying “Ka-ching!!”   Is this pill really being made for the good of the consumer or is it being made to finally complete the
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The Honest to Goodness Truth About Losing Weight

This isn’t going to be a very pleasant article.  People will not like what they are about to read.  I’m going to tell you what you need to do to lose weight.  You have probably heard it before, but you really don’t want to hear it again.  It hasn’t changed from 5 years ago, from
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