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Speed Training Paying Off For These Columbus Ohio Athletes

A couple weeks have gone by since I last reported on some of our Columbus, Ohio athletes that have done speed training with us, so I got a few of them to mention. We work with athletes all over the Columbus area for speed training as shown in the list below.  In fact, we try to
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St. Charles Football Vying For Top Spot In CCL

The football season is a little over 2/3 complete and St. Charles is a solid 5-2 as they look to be the top dog in the CCL.  Something they haven’t been too familiar with. That was illustrated last week when they beat DeSales 36-0, securing their first victory against the
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Speed And Fitness Experts Q & A’s

Recently, speed training and fitness expert, Adam Kessler, asked for his followers/blog readers to send him questions they had regarding speed/sport training, fitness or whatever, really. The questions varied. To see the Q & A’s from this Columbus, Ohio, trainer, click
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Obtaining An Athletic College Scholarship

You may be one of the many young athletes that has a dream to one day play a sport in college. Speed trainer, Adam Kessler, of Columbus, Ohio, has worked with many athletes of all levels, from professional to little league. If you have the potential to play beyond high school,
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Quicker Recovery For Athletes

As an athlete, you know it can be tough to recover, not only for a tough game, but also an intense practice/work-out. Did you know that massage therapy is one of the best ways to recover? The Florida Seminoles football team has been utilizing massage therapy the past couple of
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Columbus Ohio Health Clubs

There are many health clubs in the Columbus Ohio region.  Columbus is one of the unhealthiest cities in the United States, so it is only natural that there would be a lot of health clubs and fitness centers in the Columbus area. 
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