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Former Hilliard Davidson Basketball Player Leads Baldwin-Wallace Team

I love bragging about our athletes.  Recently, some of our athletes have been doing some WORK in their sport.  Check this out! Becca and I went to Otterbein to watch Hannah Fecht play some basketball.  Hannah is a Hilliard Davidson grad and been with us for a few years now.  Her
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Speed And Fitness Experts Q & A’s

Recently, speed training and fitness expert, Adam Kessler, asked for his followers/blog readers to send him questions they had regarding speed/sport training, fitness or whatever, really. The questions varied. To see the Q & A’s from this Columbus, Ohio, trainer, click
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Obtaining An Athletic College Scholarship

You may be one of the many young athletes that has a dream to one day play a sport in college. Speed trainer, Adam Kessler, of Columbus, Ohio, has worked with many athletes of all levels, from professional to little league. If you have the potential to play beyond high school,
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Participating In One Sport To Get In Shape For Another

Are you, or do you know an athlete that “plays this sport to stay in shape for that sport?”  Adam Kessler, a speed trainer, takes a look at how this may or may not help you out. You should look at the sports being played and consider whether they work your
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Finding A Good Speed Training Coach

Are you looking for a good speed training coach? You should look for a training program that has high standards for a quality program. To hopefully eliminate you wasting a lot of money (and time), Adam Kessler of Columbus, Ohio, provides tips to assist you if you are looking for
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Best Football Camp You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

If you’re a football player and have some talent, you need to look into Football University (FBU) Top Gun Camp. This camp is for the top 15% of football players in the nation for their age group. FMS (Functional Movement Screen) certified trainer and speed trainer, Adam
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Participating In Athletic Events After 40

Having turned 40 a couple years ago, Adam Kessler still enjoys participating in athletic competitions, even though the body may not always like what he is putting it through! If you are 40 or over and are wanting to continue participating, or will be starting up a new program,
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The Drive To Be A Great Athlete

True or False: To be a great athlete, you not only have to have great athleticism, but also the desire/drive to be great. Just because you have great athletic ability, will that automatically make you a stand-out in your sport? Speed trainer, Adam Kessler, takes a look at this
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The Value Of Using The Foam Roller

Do you ever wake up the morning after a tough work-out and wish there were something you could do to help alleviate some of your soreness? The foam roller may be the answer. Adam Kessler of Columbus, Ohio, utilizes this tool with his clientele as a form of self-massage, that
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What Is Wrong With Wanting To Win? Nothing!

Do you want your child to just enjoy the experience while playing a sport; do you want them to succeed and be an active participant; is winning the only thing that matters? As a speed trainer, coach and parent, Adam Kessler looks at winning from all these different perspectives.
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