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Speed Force Track School


3 Day High Jump & Hurdle Camps:

  • An opportunity to get some instruction on these disciplines while you have the free time in the summer.
  • Learn how to do these events properly with the latest drills and techniques to make you a better hurdler and high jumper.
  • This camp will be for incoming 7th grade athletes on up who need work on their technique and form or have never done these events and want to learn more about them.
  • This camp will be held at Ohio Sports Plus, 4140 Tuller Road, Suite 118, Dublin, OH 43017.
  • Early bird cost will be $150 before May 31, after that it will be $180.
  • Maximum of 10 athletes.  If more than 10 are asking to register, we will consider a second date.
  • High Jump Dates/Times will be June 24, 25, and 26, 2024 @ 5:00 to 6:30pm.
  • Hurdle Dates/Times will be July 16, 17, and 18, 2024 @ 5:00 to 6:30pm.
  • Upon receiving payment, we will send you an email with 24 hours with a link to a questionnaire/waiver that will need to be filled out and submitted before you can participate in these camps.


Have you wished your track athlete could get special training on their discipline more frequently/often in Columbus, Ohio?  Especially in the winter time?

If you have a baseball player, there are a decent amount of options to get lessons.  The same with tennis, golf, basketball, wrestling, and a bunch of other sports.  But track??

Unless you know a coach in your discipline or your coach (whether it be high school age or younger) offers up year round training, you don’t have many options.

That is why we are going to be running our Speed Force Track School at the Ohio Sports Plus facility this winter.  Track is a spring sport and when it gets going you might have 2.5 months of a season if you are lucky.

In Columbus, Ohio the winter time is the off-season months and the opportunities to do training are limited especially if the weather gets bad.  Indoor track times are minimal since the only indoor tracks around are connected with colleges.

What we are going to do is bring in a few coaches (CLICK HERE FOR THEIR BIOS) for some track disciplines and allow them to do winter training to get your track athlete as best prepared for the spring outdoor season as we can.  It won’t be exactly like training on a track, but when it is cold and snow is outside, this is certainly a viable alternative.

The disciplines we will be able to work for the Track School are the following with their current schedule (the coach for that school will be in parentheses): PLEASE NOTE WE WILL UPDATE OUR 2024-25 TRACK SCHOOL DATES/TIMES LATER IN THE YEAR.

  • Long Jump (Coach Derrick Agbaike) – Mondays 4pm to 5pm (PLEASE NOTE: THE SESSIONS ON NOVEMBER 6, 13, 20 WILL BE FROM 4:30PM TO 5:30PM) and Thursdays 5pm to 6pm
  • High Jump (Coach Derrick Agbaike) – Mondays 5pm to 6pm (PLEASE NOTE: THE SESSIONS ON NOVEMBER 6, 13, 20 WILL BE FROM 5:30PM TO 6:30PM) and Thursdays 4pm to 5pm
  • Hurdles for grades 6-8 or beginners (Coaches Gary and Garrin Bachinski) – Sundays 5pm to 6pm
  • Hurdles for grades 9th on up or Intermediate/Advanced (Coaches Gary and Garrin Bachinski) – Tuesdays & Sundays 6pm to 7pm 
  • Throws – We no longer have this school open.
  • And possibly a few more

Here are the important details of what to expect with the track school:

  • It will run from November 5 until February 18, 2024.  Because our coaches all coach outdoor track, once the OHSAA outdoor season begins you should be with your schools and our Track School ends.
  • Your athlete has to be 6th grade or older to participate.
  • You must purchase sessions to use for the classes.  See below for costs.
  • You then will schedule for the classes you want to attend.  If you aren’t scheduled then you can’t attend.
  • If you have no remaining sessions left, you won’t be able to schedule until you purchase more sessions.
  • All purchased sessions must be used prior to February 18, 2024.  Any sessions unused after February 18 will be deemed expired. 
  • No refunds will be given for any reason for unused or expired sessions.  Please look at our schedule and your calendar when considering purchasing your sessions.
  • The school disciplines will be focusing on the technical aspects of those disciplines.  If you want to do supplemental conditioning workouts to help you get ready for your season, we will be offering Monthly supplemental workouts as well.  These will be online workouts that you can do on your own time.  If they are workouts for 400M or less, you will be able to schedule time at Fitness Planning Consultants to use their treadmills for your workouts.
  • If you purchase the 8 sessions/month package, you may get the supplemental workouts included for free upon request.
  • Purchasing sessions could give you the opportunity to get discounts off of speed/strength training at Fitness Planning Consultants.
  • To register for the track school or supplemental sessions, please fill out the form below.  Upon submission, you will be taken to a page for payment options.  Once payment has been completed, you will receive instructions within 24 hours on how to schedule your sessions.


  • 1 Single Session – $45
  • 4-Session Bundle/Month – $140; If you purchase this package AND do training with Fitness Planning Consultants simultaneously, you will receive 5% off their program.
  • 8-Session Bundle/Month – $220; If you purchase this package AND do training with Fitness Planning Consultants simultaneously, you will receive 10% off their program.
  • Supplemental Monthly Training Plan (see FAQ below) – $125/month; This will automatically renew until you tell us to stop or February 18 arrives.

FAQ’s (This is our first year running this school so please be patient if we missed something in our process in regards to registration, payment, scheduling.  If something has come up that is not answered here or on this page, please send us a polite email from the Contact Page.)

  • What is the refund policy? Partially used Single Sessions and Bundled Sessions are not eligible for refunds. Single & Bundled Sessions must be used on or before February 18 2024, unless otherwise communicated. Credits and refunds for sessions will not be given beyond that date.  Please look at our schedule and your calendar when considering purchasing your sessions.
  • What is a partially used Single Session or Bundled Session?  If you purchase a 4-Pack, those sessions must be used within a month’s time.  If you only use 3 of them and the month has passed, then it was partially used with the 1 remaining that you no longer can use.  Please look at our schedule and your calendar when considering purchasing your sessions.
  • When does your month start?  If you purchase sessions before November 5, 2023, we will make sure that the month starts on November 5.  We will manually make that change.  After November 5, the month will start when you purchase your sessions.
  • I used up all my sessions before the month ended.  Do I have to wait until the month ends to purchase more?  No, once you use your sessions up, you can purchase more sessions as soon as you’d like.  Your next month of sessions will begin whenever that date occurs.
  • What is the discount on Fitness Planning Consultants programs?  If you purchase the 4 or 8 session bundle, you will get a discount on your next bill for training with FPC whether it be their speed or strength program that you are doing.  Each new 4 or 8 session bundle you purchase after that, you will continue to get that particular discount on the next bill. 
  • Who are the coaches? We will try to get information up at some point.  All the coaches are or have coached at the high school level, enjoy coaching athletes, and have coached athletes with a high rate of success (if you call state champions successful).
  • How does the supplemental monthly plan work?  The track school is for the technique of the various disciplines, not necessarily getting you in shape for your season.  Although, you will get in some amount of shape doing the track school.  If you are in a running event and need off-season workouts to do, then we can provide you with that with this plan.  If you are in sprinting events (100M – 400M plus hurdles events), you will have the option to do these workouts at the FPC facility on their curved treadmills at certain times throughout the day/week.  If you are a mid-distance/distance runner because your workouts typically take a lot longer, you will not have this option and need to make sure you can do them outside or on a treadmill that you have access to.  Thus, make sure you pay for the appropriate plan when you register.
  • When it comes to the supplemental monthly plan please note this is the only plan that automatically renews.  YOU MUST TELL US WHEN YOU WANT TO STOP BEFORE IT RENEWS.  We will also end it this programs ability to renew on February 18, 2024.  Once that date hits, you will have the remaining time left on the program to receive workouts.  For example, if your renewal date is March 2, 2024, you would receive workouts up until that date and then you’d be finished.
  • Do I also need to purchase the supplemental monthly plan? If you are purchasing an 8-Pack of sessions, supplemental track conditioning will be included in your purchase.  That being said, you do not have to purchase the track conditioning if your school coach is providing you off-season workouts.  If you are not receiving that and want to get weekly workouts for you to do on your own, then consider this option.  
  • Can I just do the supplemental monthly plan and not do the school? Yes.  If you are just a runner and that is all you do, then you can just do this option.  
  • Do we have to join the Speed Force Track Club to do the Track School?  No. You can just do the Track School to get yourself better for outdoor track by doing the sessions and/or monthly supplemental training.
  • If we want to do the Speed Force Track Club how will that work?  Read the Speed Force Track Club webpage to understand how it works.  If you want to join the Track Club for indoor season, it will be included IF you are doing the Track School in any capacity – the sessions or the supplemental monthly training.  The only thing extra you would have to pay would be the uniform (if you don’t have one), the entry fees to meets, and the cost if you desire a coach to be at the meet (if we decide to add this option in).

    To do any of the training for the Track School, the youngest we will allow is 6th grade.
  • Best number if we ever needed to text or talk.
  • Name of the school where athlete resides at.
  • This gives us an idea how old your athlete is. As a reminder, all athletes have to be 6th grade or older.
  • List the name and the phone number of emergency contact.
  • If you don't have an Instagram ID, put "None".
  • If you don't have a Twitter ID, put "None".
  • Please list all the track events you do and any other sports that you play.
  • Please list any club teams that you play on and what sport. I don't want to assume these club teams are all track.
  • If you feel comfortable, please list all your coaches that you play for. Write the name down, the team, and email and/or phone number.
  • Any type of private coaching, group workouts, or other type of training you might have done in the past explain who you did it with and what it was here.
    Please check all that apply. If you saw this through social media, please check the one that it applies to.
    Check off as many medical issues that you have had or do have in the field below.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • By submitting this form, everything you said was true and you indicate that you agree to the Terms of Use Agreement and have read and understand the Privacy Policy and Medical Disclaimer of the Fitness Planning Consultants, Inc. Fitness Planning Consultants, Inc. shall not be liable to the signee, nor any other person, for any claims or cause of action whatsoever arising out of or connected with the services of Fitness Planning Consultants, Inc.; and that I hereby release and discharge Fitness Planning Consultants, Inc. from any such claims or actions.
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