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Hartley Football Takes on Regionals

We have talked about a lot of our high school athletes this fall.  With the fall season wrapping up, the end of the year honors are also starting to come out. Now some of you younger athletes need to pay attention to this next sentence.  If you don’t start changing your
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Jonathon Alder Track Athlete Defends Her Title

This week was a big week for my family.  My oldest was graduating from the 8th grade.  I don’t quite recall all this hoopla for it back in my day, but hey whatever floats your boat. As tough as it was watching the class dvd of all her younger pictures, it also got me
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Columbus Spring Athletes Seeing Early Returns On Speed Training Investment

The spring sport season has started here in Columbus and being the beginning of April, it means that the weather is a crapshoot whether it will be good weather or bad weather. Like a lot of athletes, our athletes have jumped right into action fresh off a winter’s worth of
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Why Do These Columbus Area Athletes Keep Getting First Place?

Another week has gone by and I continue to see athletes of ours doing GREAT things.  These are just a few I saw in the paper and looking up results.  Maybe you were competing against one of these athletes and were lucky enough to see them compete. Haven’t mentioned Aziza
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